Ten Timeless Color Choices for a Dramatic Effect at your Wedding 
Sunday, April 15, 2007, 07:15 PM
Using color to determine the tone for your wedding can be a powerful tool in creating a memorable event. The color you choose will reflect your personality and set the mood for your party.

Deciding the color that best fits your style will help you to make decisions about what to choose for linens, dresses, invitations and decorations. Staying focused on a theme will simplify the process. Feeling confident with your ideas will take the stress out of planning. Making informed decisions with the help of your wedding planner, florist, or spiritual adviser will take the stress out of choosing an overall color theme.

1. Red is a powerful color that signifies passion, excitement and fire

2. Yellow is the color of joy and the energy of sunlight

3. Orange has the power of red and the happiness of yellow. It signifies enthusiasm and creativity

4. Blue, being the color of the sky and the sea, is a cool, gentle color

5. Green is the color of nature. It is fresh and indicates growth and hope.

6. White has strength and clarity, power and purity.

7. Black is strong, classic and elegant.

8. Purple means royalty, power and nobility.

9. Brown gives stability.

10. Gold is a sign of wealth and prestige.

Simplicity in color scheming will be memorable for all of your guests. For example; imagine the “wow” factor of choosing red and fuchsia for your table linens and fresh flower centerpieces with an accent color of lime green to enhance the color value. The attendant’s dresses are fuchsia and they carry red, fuchsia and green bouquets. Once you have made your color decision the rest is easy! Serve red martinis; garnish the dinner plates with red. You can even tell your guests to feel free to wear red, fuchsia and green Chances are, your guests already know you have a powerful personality!

Putting the focus on specific color instead of specific flowers or decorations will save you money. Be creative but keep it simple. Have fun with your color scheme and stay focused on the theme. I promise it will make your life easier!

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Choosing the right florist for your wedding 
Saturday, February 10, 2007, 08:08 AM

How to choose the right florist for your wedding

The business of planning a wedding is full of the unknown. Although most brides have dreamed about their wedding day for years, when it comes to the actual planning, the details become a blur.
Being able to depend on the professionals you hire to help and guide you through the process is the most important part of the planning. After all, we do this all the time ! We have the resources and the knowledge of what will work, what is in style and what details have to be covered. The most important thing that the wedding professional can give you is the comfort of knowing that we will take care of your needs and will be available to answer your questions and put you at ease.

When hiring a florist for your wedding be sure that in your initial contact, you feel the comfort that this person will be professional, talented, flexible and accessible. Too often, a bride will focus first on the financials. I believe this is a mistake because it is hard to determine what you are actually getting for your money while shopping for florists. If a florist is easy to communicate with, we will try to read your wishes and interpret those wishes to the designs that best fit your style. Flexibility allows us to adjust the look to fit the budget.

Looking at photographs of the florist’s work, asking about their professional affiliations and feeling that they have passion for wedding work will help you establish their credibility. Not all good florists like to do weddings. Wedding florists must love the emotional highs and lows that the family experiences and be willing and able to provide balance and comfort when the fear or uncertainty comes into play.

There are written guides to determining what elements need attention and your florist will be familiar with the locations you choose to help you decide what will work the best. Certain flowers are not available at all times of the year so this needs to be taken into consideration. Feel free to ask plenty of questions about why your florist is recommending a specific structure or container. Focus on color and the unity of the flowers.

Accomplish your dream through strong communication with your florist.
Feel confident that your interests are the most important feature of the communication and trust that you are in good hands with a passionate floral professional.

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Welcome to the blogspace of Signature Florals 
Monday, January 29, 2007, 02:37 PM

After launching my website, it seemed natural to go ahead and add a blog page to go along with it.
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